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  • Backpack Stolen

    Some mothefucker at 24 Hour Shitness stole my backpack out of a locked locker. Can you believe it? I was pretty fucking incredulous, I must say. I think I may have actually talked to the dude briefly and got a real creepy feeling. He was this handsome Latino near where I found my jacket had […]

  • Abraxas Adams Kill Cake


    We had cake to celebrate a milestone at a high-stress but very fun dotcom startup, eHow.com. It happened also to be my birthday. Lon Clark, our short hot lean ginger punky photographer, noticed that a murderous spirit had manifested in the room and was using my cake as a Ouija board. Ha ha!

  • The Benefits of Mental Illness

    (Idea to Develop) Incredibly Hot Sex, Boundless Creativity, Innumerable Friends (and Enemies), sometimes Terrifying yet Enriching Insights projected backward by Future Iterations of Self, Knowing where more of the Buttons are and Pushing them Manually, etc. Hmm – I guess (good) Actors and other Artists suffer/share some of these characteristics with us Moon Babies. –E. […]

  • Gulf to Flesh

    “I talk to myself, argue, kick my own ass. My mind is a Futurist committee, whose name is Legion, for we are many, and passionate.” Ainsi parlait Arkmenon, beau garcon de Liban, mon cher habibi ange garcon, avec des yeux de ciel bleu, une fourrure de ventre, et une grosse bite uncut. “How crushing then, […]

  • Cannibal Serial Killers

    Don’t give me that gay equals pedophile bullshit. The press is all over any instance of homosexual pedophilia, but the truth is that the huge statistical majority of molestations are by heterosexual men. The so-called normal men aren’t normal. Same with serial killers, who are all straight men. Mind you, Cannibal Serial Killers, we gays […]

  • Driving in the Breakdown Lane

    Judy’s adult life has been a protracted heart attack, driving across state lines, in the breakdown lane, at night. The car belongs to her rich sister Valerie, who only lent it reluctantly. “Oh, Judy, again?” she’d said. “When are you going to get your act together?” Judy’s right hand, not on the steering wheel, is […]

  • Psychotic Theatre

    Re-living the interactions of his day, Edgar said, “Welcome to another episode of Psychotic Theatre. Oh dear.” Tycho’s green eyes looked up at him. “Marmow?” the kitty said, in his dear Egyptian Mau accent. “Oh, Tycho baby kitty I love you. Tell me, is the chic Evil Cool I think I am emitting actually reading […]

  • Horizons

    The historic, supposedly vacant U.S. Mint on Market Street in San Francisco has secret levels of cutting edge technology where shadow projects are explored. Something incredible and dangerous has absorbed all resources in the space of a few months: a mother and son who can alter reality to match what they create in their interdependent […]

  • Mizz Pickles

    Mizz Pickles is a sweet older lady, always baking pies wearing her shawl and dispensing sage advice to the local folk in a quaint seaside town. She’s been around for years although no one knows where she’s from originally. Alas, Mizz Pickles has a secret that she hopes no one ever discovers: She’s really a […]