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  • Masokitty

    A self-reflexive, intentionally ignorant and ironic show for stoners and nihilists. It centers on a cat (played by a puppet or stuffed animal) that is always trying to get injured because he is a masochist. A flashback explains this perversion, involving the first owner or the mother—something icky, sexual, Freudian. Masokitty, who is named George, […]

  • Realife Stream

    A dystopian future, where entertainment is “bread and circus” carried to an extreme. This is a dark and surreal comedy, with elements of Fahrenheit 451, Red Dwarf and Sleeper. It shares themes with Idiocracy and Hunger Games, although I wrote this script a few years before those films came out. The Dingle family enters a […]

  • Witchcraft Socks

    (Write about Joe’s cancer surgery, and the Puma socks I gave him with the spell on them, where I gave a bit of my soul to protect him. Joe is one of the most beautiful guys I’ve ever loved, beautiful from soul to skin.)

  • Scrumptious MD

    That was such an Olivia reply. I knew I could count on you to bring some class into this weird situation with the younger landlord, Merv. I, on the other hand, rattled on in my email to you and forgot to say “I wish you blessings of the season.” Not to sound racist, but I […]

  • Thanksgimme

    Thanksgiving at the Stinking Rose garlic restaurant turned out to be a top-notch choice, was in fact a delicious feast. Sinfully, Joshua and I are home now snacking, masticating like trolls, wearing our huge elastic-band Piggy Pants. Mine have a Spandex pocket that looks like it’s for a baby, but it’s foil-lined, battery-heated, and filled […]

  • Abraxas Adams Thor Gordon

    Halloween 2011: Thor Gordon

    I wanted to be Flash Gordon from the 1930s. But, the coolest helmet at Costumes on Haight was from the Thor movie. I thought no one would recognize it. But, somebody asked me, “are you Thor … in drag?” Ha ha ha! My roommate Daniel took photos with a 35mm film camera. Thanks, D!

  • Combining of Souls

    Proposal for Consensual Combining of Souls to Foster Ethical Immortality and Avoid Overpopulation –Abraxas Adams Esther would be the first that I’d petition to preserve in anti-mortality. She’s 93 and has an amazing intellect, too good to waste on oblivion. We need her here, making mischief and playing the piano. There must be some adoring […]

  • Queen Therapy

    I know this has become a tired cliche in some circles, but it’s still true. It makes all the difference in the world to your happiness level to be friends with a smart and hilarious gay queen who just loves life.