Names for Joshua

include such endearments as
• Talking Monkey
• Sweet Fuzzy
• Grilled-cheese Gorilla
• Baby Noodle
• Baby Monkey at the Center of the Galaxy
• Little Glah
• Baby Armadillo
• Soozely Doodle
• You Big Jerk

I have notes I hope one day to turn into a series of children’s books starring Joshua and our Egyptian Mau cat, Tycho. The first story title will be “Tuna-fish Kitty and Grilled-cheese Gorilla are Friends.” Mind you, Joshua is 36, 6’4″ and wants to kill me, of course, because I kiss and crunch him and treat him like a five-year-old. Ha ha!

Image © Joshua Grady

I once had a dream in which Joshua died. A lion chased, caught and ate a monkey. I woke sobbing, the very real-feeling dream having imprinted in lush detail a visceral sense of the depth of my love for Joshua.

The idea of Joshua dying makes me feel like I could cry so hard that I’d vomit my heart right up my throat and on to the linoleum. Joshua is my Enkidu. He breaks my heart and makes me want to reshape reality so that we can stroll down the high street together on a Sunday afternoon for the rest of eternity.