• Video Love Poem


    I’m working on a video love poem that I hope folks will think is fun and trippy. Here is a 2-second loop.

    — Alle zusammen, Kinder.

  • Audio MixTape 4U

    Sprung aus den Wolken

    Free! My newest mp3 compilation of psych and electronica. Good for bike riding, working, or making nasty.

    — Download Link

  • Production Concepts


    Some fun and funky script ideas I’m developing. No Explicit images, but some Mature writing.

    — I am of Adult Age

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your (eyes and) ears*

Mnemosyne is the mother of the Greek Muses. Her name means “memory,” as imagination draws its material from what we’ve learned and intepreted. The ideas of other minds fertilize creative expression; our desire to add something interesting to the dialogue is exhilarating. Here are some ideas that have inspired me that I would like to share with you, blended like Müesli with my own goofy ideas. (*Other parts negotiable)

Section Visual

I was born in New Hampshire, whose state motto is “Live Free or Die.”

Abraxas Adams:

  • Biostats

    • Height: 6’1″
    • Weight: 170#
    • Eyes: Hazel
    • Hair: Brown
    • Ethnicity: Anglo-Celt, Mix
  • Joys

    • Sunny day trips, a la playa en voiture
    • Fresh juices and aged cheeses
    • Creative projects
    • Cool music
    • Emotionally rich friendships
  • Wishes

    • Ubiquitous creativity
    • Ignorance overcome
    • Ethical immortality
    • Abundant deus ex machina
    • Amore per tutti

Recent Projects

  • Contact is welcome

    Thanks for visiting my site. I’m always interested in hearing about exciting new projects, combining our skills and enthusiasm to achieve impressive results.