Help! (Sectioned)

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your (eyes and) ears*

Mnemosyne is the mother of the Greek Muses. Her name means “memory,” as imagination draws its material from what we’ve learned and intepreted. The ideas of other minds fertilize creative expression; our desire to add something interesting to the dialogue is exhilarating. Here are some ideas that have inspired me that I would like to share with you, blended like Müesli with my own goofy ideas. (*Other parts negotiable)


Section 1: Self-awareness Question-heir

Please provide me with the information I will need to help you ascend the staircase to personal fulfillment.

    1. Breaker, breaker what’s yer handle?

    2. Please choose a password, so I’ll always know it’s really YOU.

    3. I am the Lord of the:

    4. Perfect peace and poise are mine today as I interpret the divine will.
    Борьба против религии — борьба за социализмОсвящение куличей!

    5. Canapés for Cannibals (Recipes begin on page 52.)  Kali Ma, Baba Yaga, The Gingerbread Witch from Hansel and Gretel, and Mrs. Castevet are all coming for midnight supper on a hot Ferragosto evening in Rome. Tensions have been high since Rosemary's baby, Adrian, ascended the throne to rule the Underworld, totally upsetting the balance of power in this ordinarily tight-knit group of lady pals.

    This supper must go well so that fences can be mended before the grand Harvest Ball, when the Master comes to make mischief in Moscow. All the Master's favorites will return from the dead to attend the ball, and Margarita will act as hostess to pay her debt. It will be a night of nights, and Baba Yaga is worried that she won't be slimmed down enough to fit into her gorgeous new gown. мой Бог!

    What can you serve to this clique of sophisticated ladies for a festive Ferragosto that will get them to relax and reconnect? To complicate matters, the Gingerbread Witch is now gluten-free.:

    6. I am most afraid of:

    7. I derive greatest pleasure from:

    8. She:
    stoops to conquerwalks in beautywore blue velvetprovides mitochondrial DNA

    Extra credit: 'Tis pity she's a:

    9. What is the observable effect of gamma rays on Man-in-the-Moon marigolds?:

    10. Who wore it better?
    Die Fröhliche Wissenschaft (The Gay Science), Friedrich Nietzsche, 1882Die Chymische Hochzeit (The Chemical Wedding), Johann Valentin Andreae, 1616
    Defend your choice:

    11. I am the sort of person who perceives patterns of meaning in ostensibly random sequences of events.

    12. I do not waste time on fear and regret.
    Fear is the mind-killerNon, rien de rien, chantait Edith Piaf, en pleurant avec l'émotion authentique qui donnait à sa musique sa magie viscérale (visceral magic).

    13. Now that your hypnotic trance is at its deepest, you will freely provide all the dark secrets you never tell to anyone but me. What’s been troubling you, my dear?


    14. What is your amorous inclination?
    HomosexualHeterosexualNoli me tangereRoy Orbison wrapped in cling film

    15. For Ruler of the Spheres, you would vote for:
    Rococo's BasiliskMaxwell's Demon武媚娘傳奇Mizz PicklesThe Doctor in Spite of HimselfHildegard of BingenAbraxas Adams

    Now, I can begin to help you.

    Section 2: Conflict Resolution

    “L’enfer, c’est les autres.” – Jean-Paul Sartre
    “Donc, ils doivent être aussi le paradis.” – Abraxas
    “Por que no los dos?” – El Paso tacos

    The correlation of attraction and repulsion in love relationships


    “It’s so hard to reconcile darkness and the stars—
    but what else are we but an attempt at reconciliation?”

    – Z. Henderson

    Section 3: Testimony


    “You cannot expect more perfection from a thing than it is designed to give.”
    – Unknown


    Timegod sayings


    “What’s not devoured by time’s devouring hand?”
    – Jim Bramston, 1744




    “Sell your time to buy the time that other people sold.”
    – Barbara Kruger