Combining of Souls

Proposal for Consensual Combining of Souls to Foster Ethical Immortality and Avoid Overpopulation –Abraxas Adams

Esther would be the first that I’d petition to preserve in anti-mortality. She’s 93 and has an amazing intellect, too good to waste on oblivion. We need her here, making mischief and playing the piano. There must be some adoring daughter or niece who would be honored to take Esther in (literally) to form a cozy duplex, and perpetuate the Family Legacy. I would offer this gift to my family if I could. Wouldn’t you, Tavistock, Gilgamesh, Saint Germain, Ozymandias?

Preservation of authentic cultural memory could only enrich human spiritual depth. Implemented with wisdom and compassion, the mergings would not only solve a lot of practical resource problems but, by immortalizing individual human intellects, transform to mythology many of the currently most unendurable events in life. Still, I’m apprehensive about the evolutionary stagnation that might come from a preponderance of aristocratic, legacied intellects controlling social policy.

And, what about inception of the program, the merging of flesh in regions currently over-saturated with humans? That is the real sticky ticket, the dance. Done with myopic prejudice and greed, the outcome could be monstrous.