Writing for Production

  • Moebius City (animation)

    Moebius City is set in San Francisco. Friends living in the City are able to communicate telepathically, and locate each other anywhere, using the Sutro Tower as a psychic bounce point. The god of the City is an enormous, translucent manta that occasionally sails overhead, answering prayers on its way back to sea. Scene moods […]

  • Horizons

    The historic, supposedly vacant U.S. Mint on Market Street in San Francisco has secret levels of cutting edge technology where shadow projects are explored. Something incredible and dangerous has absorbed all resources in the space of a few months: a mother and son who can alter reality to match what they create in their interdependent […]

  • Mizz Pickles

    Mizz Pickles is a sweet older lady, always baking pies wearing her shawl and dispensing sage advice to the local folk in a quaint seaside town. She’s been around for years although no one knows where she’s from originally. Alas, Mizz Pickles has a secret that she hopes no one ever discovers: She’s really a […]

  • Masokitty

    A self-reflexive, intentionally ignorant and ironic show for stoners and nihilists. It centers on a cat (played by a puppet or stuffed animal) that is always trying to get injured because he is a masochist. A flashback explains this perversion, involving the first owner or the mother—something icky, sexual, Freudian. Masokitty, who is named George, […]

  • Realife Stream

    A dystopian future, where entertainment is “bread and circus” carried to an extreme. This is a dark and surreal comedy, with elements of Fahrenheit 451, Red Dwarf and Sleeper. It shares themes with Idiocracy and Hunger Games, although I wrote this script a few years before those films came out. The Dingle family enters a […]