Realife Stream

A dystopian future, where entertainment is “bread and circus” carried to an extreme. This is a dark and surreal comedy, with elements of Fahrenheit 451, Red Dwarf and Sleeper. It shares themes with Idiocracy and Hunger Games, although I wrote this script a few years before those films came out.

The Dingle family enters a live broadcast show to pay off family debts to the corporation that owns their sector. The audience of Realife Stream gets to vote periodically if the show should be canceled and family vaporized. There are queeny and hilarious back-talking androids, genetically STD-immune teenage sluts, and Ra-Ra boys who relish virtual games and real violence.

The stars of the show though are the parents: Mrs. Dingle is intelligent, kind and cultured by nature, but bipolar and occasionally destructive. She and her house android, containing the mind of her deceased favorite uncle, get high and clean the house maniacally then go to art class. Mr. Dingle is a solicitous husband, a mad inventor, musician and Freemason. He mumbles threats into his elfish beard when his wife is most vexing, but the show always ends with their touching, surreal duet of “Slow Boat to China.”

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