A self-reflexive, intentionally ignorant and ironic show for stoners and nihilists. It centers on a cat (played by a puppet or stuffed animal) that is always trying to get injured because he is a masochist. A flashback explains this perversion, involving the first owner or the mother—something icky, sexual, Freudian. Masokitty, who is named George, lives with a Leave it to Beaver type family who marvel innocently at the number of hurtful situations their sweet pet cat is always getting into in the house and around town.

“Thank goodness you have nine lives!” The audience, who can see quite plainly that George is a mangy, drug-addicted pervert, are able to hear Masokitty’s mumbled, disgusting thoughts as he does things like huff paint fumes and pursue getting pinned under the garage door or connive to get little Missy Lou to cut him with a kitchen knife.