Abraxas Phrase Storage

Hassled for not being tall? Remember: You’re not short, you’re concentrated! Who needs all that excess water?

I find myself once again wearing the staggeringly visible dunce cap, tall enough to scrape drizzle from the bottom of the clouds.

It’s a good thing you are so full of yourself. Otherwise, you would be utterly empty.

My gym goal is to become 200 pounds of firm, lean hamburger; dukes up but grinning fraternally.

With regard to Addiction, when does Harm Reduction become a Macabre Joke?

Schizophrenics are never lonely.

I just said something to the cat and realized it applies to people too. “If you come at the world with your claws out, you may get stuck to things and not like it.”

Bob is an increasingly toothless Wolf in Sheep’s clothing.