From my essay “Love in the Broken World,” Easter 2002*

Therefore, I believe the heart of A Streetcar Named Desire is concerned with the choices we make in the struggle to find love in a fractured and sometimes antagonistic world. Williams wanted us to consider how our choices are motivated by different desires, and how these desires will bring us to places we often did not anticipate, but which are predetermined by how we express our desires. The outcome of the struggles we face in the pursuit of love is dictated by such factors as luck (the hand we are dealt in life), the choices and sacrifices we make, whether we cling to or move past our failures, and whether we stay psychically present in our lives or narcotize ourselves in order to tolerate our more desperate choices, and the dissatisfaction of half-realized desires … (*I mention Easter cause look at the hat on the chick who’s showing her breasts. “Happy New Year.” She was partying hard and having a great time!)