So Grateful I Cried

Went to see Lotus Plaza at the Rickshaw with my roommate and his handsome sobriety brother, Heath. I’d been quite ill for a year, so it was an unexpected gift to be out with friends. The night was feeling extra exciting.

Abraxas and I checked out the merch table. The T-shirt graphics were not compelling, but there was nice packaging on the recorded media. Lockett Pundt was at the table, meeting fans. I got Joshua a 45 RPM, Heath a CD with a cool pink cover, and “Spooky at a Distance” for myself. Lockett had Georgia charm, responded to Abraxas’ request for an autograph by drawing an Elephant speaking their names. I couldn’t resist reaching out and touching the back of his mohawk while Lockett was drawing. Lucky he was amused and not mad.

Treated myself to a bit of hash brownie, was in an excellent place with the world. Josh was unconsciously hoggin the bleacher seat, so I was doing my sexual dark dance, calling Pomba Gira. Heath was quiet and handsome by my right shoulder. The band had really brought great music to the evening, and I looked up at Joshua and I started crying with gratitude. Not only had I not died, I was out having a fantastic time with good friends. How did I get so lucky?

Heath is adorable, blond blue and warm heart. I wonder whose love monkey he is? He smiles at me a lot, which is wonderful even if it never goes further.

–E. Cabot