Close Call

Had really great talk with my new doctor. Finally feeling the compassion and commitment I’ve badly missed since my last real doc left to manage at Kaiser. New doc has lots of practical ideas and has proven himself to be not all talk, which I briefly feared.

He was alarmed by the voicemail I left yesterday with a question about TB. There is intestinal Tuberculosis bacteria and if I’d gone ahead with the therapeutic transplant at home with my friend Michael’s poop, it could well have proven fatal to me. Party! Those beautiful black crows in the trees, calling as I passed on my bike on way to pick up the donation material were sending a spooky Halloween warning of imminent danger. Hee hee!

Dr. Jain mapped out a strategy, with several explorations before eventually actively seeking access to a poop transplant at a medical clinic, and I am super grateful. Thanks for the kind support you’ve offered during this strange health journey.