Saint Valentine Sex Cult

Saint Valentine Sex Cult

At February 19, 2012
By Knowgood
In X Homo Erotica: Hot Gay Filth

Image © George Seeley

(This is a rough sketch, an idea to develop.)

The Cult of William is the hottest and most punishing of the gay sex cults. You gotta be sturdy physically or it’ll kill you when he fucks you. One of your inner entities goes through a human sacrifice ritual that builds to an astonishing, transportive orgasm that changes reality, precipitates an eruption of useful creative ideas on Post-its.

A short, hairy, Ashurbanipal-like Middle Eastern man with green eyes, a belly, and a 9-inch dick fucks you to death and into your next life. He drives over in a 60s Cadillac convertible with red leather interior and no seat belts. William, psycho-therapist to the druggy kids of the rich, likes his weed in a glass pipe. His left arm dangles his cocktail over the side as he speeds down from Diamond Heights to fuck this tall dude who’s a bit older but still studly, with great abs and butt. Fuckbuddies for 15 hot years.

You gotta be a seasoned and sincere lover of dick, let the giant Cobra work its spell, relax and stroke the monster as it shoves down your throat. But you’ve had years of acolyte training: you chow down and get him bulging-veins hard. “It’s okay if you suffocate to death because the dick is more important” is a super hot game to play. The ego dies and gives off a hot flash that activates the machine.

There is hot porn (across the sexuality spectrum) playing behind the hypnotic iTunes mix. We kiss and drink Cape Cods, vape some dank Purple Urkle from the Apothecarium on Church Street. Then, he starts the fuck. The connection is at times extremely painful and humiliating for Edgar. You know, getting shagged like a lass, but up the everlovin catamite arse, fricken hollerin and lovin it. Knowing that during the 5-thousand degree plasma explosion, the exchange of semen will prime the reality engine for the new cosmography.

The apocalypse happens, but William has manifested the God of Creation, so when the beam hits Edgar, he transmutes it into payment for mankind’s ingratitude, successfully purchasing continued life on earth. The new species of humans is German Expressionist with moth wings. The fuck cycle completes with Edgar’s gasped prophesies and leg spasms. “You are the most beautiful, intense and giving man, William. I’m gonna put all this in my music video.”

Okay, sweetheart. I’m gonna have a wonderful hot shower, do yoga, then have chicken and yams with Netflix. Love you and see you again soon! XOXOX

–Edgar Cabot, February 14 2012