• Holiday Snow Bunny

    2010 holiday card for Wells Fargo Private Bank.

  • Peyton Dub

    I stripped out all the original audio and re-dubbed using my voice, with free sound effects.

  • Federal Reserve Bank

    This animation was made to serve as a backdrop for a Wells Fargo sales party at the Federal Reserve Bank in San Francisco.

  • Animated Banners

    I produced these three concepts for in 1999, to promote the different how-to centers.

  • Animated Movie Ideas

    Super short animated ideas to develop. Note: these are low-res, and each automatically loops briefly.

  • Sundance e-Card

    Animated e-Card I made to remind Wells Fargo Private Bank clients about their exclusive trip to Sundance Festival.

  • Infini-D

    Fall 1998: Spent hours and hours crafting objects as beautifully as I could. 3D modeling is incredible fun!

  • Studio Interview

    For a fictitious radio program. My friend Joshua really did work in porn, though.