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  • Mother Ipswich kitchen 1995

    Mother’s Moving Day

    (With a nod to William Shakespeare, Sonnet 130) On Mother’s Day, she moved from her hotel To Leavenworth, and Vernon drove the truck. For him and me, it was a slice of hell, Hard labor, worsened by a record, stuck. She talked non-stop, the words we soon ignored, A worried drone that one could scarce […]

  • Joshua Grady boyhood photos

    Names for Joshua

    include such endearments as • Talking Monkey • Sweet Fuzzy • Grilled-cheese Gorilla • Baby Noodle • Baby Monkey at the Center of the Galaxy • Little Glah • Baby Armadillo • Soozely Doodle • You Big Jerk I have notes I hope one day to turn into a series of children’s books starring Joshua […]

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  • Merged Experiences

    Some of the writings in this section are merged-consciousness, nonlinear narratives along themes, with content drawn from my own life and friends’ experiences. Sci-fi, psychedelic erotica, musings aloud. I hope you find something that entertains you XOXOX

  • Abraxas-Adams-Altar

    Abraxas Altar

    Arrangement in my bedroom of art made by dear friends and things I’ve picked up over the years.

  • The Sea Change

    Work on this site has resumed

    I’m so excited to be developing my website again after several years of being focused elsewhere. Stay tuned for fresh hijinks, priceless pearls of wisdom, and navel-gazing.

  • Fecal Microbiota Transplant

    Dear, Jill, It is your old Edgar, crawling out from under the floorboards to say hello. It’s been eons! How have you been? I hope you burbled, “really swell!” Do you have a husband and a baby? Such abundance! You are a dear person and it’s a pleasure to picture you with a fulfilling life. […]

  • Moebius City (animation)

    Moebius City is set in San Francisco. Friends living in the City are able to communicate telepathically, and locate each other anywhere, using the Sutro Tower as a psychic bounce point. The god of the City is an enormous, translucent manta that occasionally sails overhead, answering prayers on its way back to sea. Scene moods […]

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