X Homo Erotica: Hot Gay Filth

  • Saint Valentine Sex Cult

    Saint Valentine Sex Cult At February 19, 2012 By Knowgood In X Homo Erotica: Hot Gay Filth 0 Image © George Seeley (This is a rough sketch, an idea to develop.) The Cult of William is the hottest and most punishing of the gay sex cults. You gotta be sturdy physically or it’ll kill you […]

  • Motorcycle Ben

    Met Ben at Samovar. He was kind enough to give me great career advice, so I treated for the blood orange tea and yogurt with dates. Toward the end, I could not help staring at the big bulge in the crotch of his jeans. Sure be fun to mess around with him again. I’ve sensed […]

  • Broken Bells

    No, I’ve not heard of Broken Bells. Dude, there must be 5 million bands in the world. There are gonna be ones you know of that I don’t, and ones I know that you don’t. Who gives a shiny red fuck who knows more band names? But, you know, you are very cute in those […]

  • Gulf to Flesh

    “I talk to myself, argue, kick my own ass. My mind is a Futurist committee, whose name is Legion, for we are many, and passionate.” Ainsi parlait Arkmenon, beau garcon de Liban, mon cher habibi ange garcon, avec des yeux de ciel bleu, une fourrure de ventre, et une grosse bite uncut. “How crushing then, […]