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  • Not-so Fancy Dress

    This sounds sadistic, but could happen in San Francisco. I wanna write a dark comedy about a terrible earthquake on Halloween night. For the next week, people go about rescuing others trapped while still in costume. Humiliating and hilarious! The mayor is pinned under his Rolls as “Homeless Bride in Wedding Gown Smeared with Cat-poop […]

  • Tongue Twister

    I thought up a fun tongue twister: “Thither are the zither scissors.” I can dance the syllables with impressive control, but my goofy lisp makes it even funnier than when others can’t say it, because I hiss like a friendly, know-it-all cartoon snake.

  • Joshua Grady boyhood photos

    Names for Joshua

    include such endearments as • Talking Monkey • Sweet Fuzzy • Grilled-cheese Gorilla • Baby Noodle • Baby Monkey at the Center of the Galaxy • Little Glah • Baby Armadillo • Soozely Doodle • You Big Jerk I have notes I hope one day to turn into a series of children’s books starring Joshua […]

  • Mother Ipswich kitchen 1995

    Mother’s Moving Day

    (With a nod to William Shakespeare, Sonnet 130) On Mother’s Day, she moved from her hotel To Leavenworth, and Vernon drove the truck. For him and me, it was a slice of hell, Hard labor, worsened by a record, stuck. She talked non-stop, the words we soon ignored, A worried drone that one could scarce […]

  • Abraxas Phrase Storage

    Hassled for not being tall? Remember: You’re not short, you’re concentrated! Who needs all that excess water? I find myself once again wearing the staggeringly visible dunce cap, tall enough to scrape drizzle from the bottom of the clouds. It’s a good thing you are so full of yourself. Otherwise, you would be utterly empty. […]